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We exist to promote the sensible enjoyment of Irish whiskey, Ireland’s indigenous spirit, and to introduce Irish whiskey fans to the whiskeys of the world.

Ireland is the home of whiskey. The global spirit was first created here in Ireland, and is now distilled and enjoyed all over the world.

We believe there is something extra-special about Irish whiskey in its many varieties, and we are passionate about fostering an appreciation of this traditional Irish spirit, celebrating our distilling heritage and savouring the finest whiskeys from Ireland and around the world in a friendly and casual environment.

Members of the Society enjoy extra privileges, including priority booking for our tastings, distillery visits and the chance to subscribe to our unique, limited edition bottlings of Irish whiskey.

So whether you’re a discerning aficionado of whiskey, or simply partial to the occasional sup, we’d like to offer you a traditional céad míle fáilte to the Irish Whiskey Society. Sláinte!


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Whiskey 101, a brief conversation with the Society team discussing the origins, styles, production and enjoyment of our national spirit. We hope you will join us at a tasting one day...
  • Dean: Intro & Origins of Irish Whiskey
  • Brian: Definitions and Styles of Irish Whiskey
  • Jack: Production Processes of Irish Whiskey
  • Colin: Casks & Maturation of Irish Whiskey
  • Bart: Tasting & Enjoyment of Irish Whiskey

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