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Whiskey has been distilled and enjoyed in Ireland for centuries, but amazingly there was never a Society dedicated to the country’s national spirit until 2009. 

Ireland’s history has long been closely intertwined with that of our close neighbour, Scotland, and this is no less true in the history of whiskey.

So perhaps it came as no surprise that it took a Scot, Michael Foggarty, to bring together the first historic meeting of the Irish Whiskey Society, which took place in Bowe’s Pub, Dublin on January 29th, 2009, where the Society was officially launched.

Since it's inception, the Irish Whiskey Society has:

  • Grown to over 250 members
  • Laid down 7 of it's own casks 
  • Bottled 8 of it's own unique whiskies 
  • Built up an archive of over 100 bottles

As well as it's Dingle chapter, and the brand is also represented in America, The Irish Whiskey Society conducts monthly tastings in Dublin. And we aspire to host many future tastings with the wonderful artisans responsible for creating the best whiskeys in Ireland and the world.

We operate under a few simple principles:

  • Enjoy whiskey and drink responsibly
  • Preserve the history and heritage of Irish whiskey
  • Promote awareness, appreciation and enjoyment of Irish (and other) whiskies
  • Operate in an independent manner, free from commercial preference, influence or gain.

The Society would be nothing without your participation, and we cordially invite you to join us on social media or in person at one of our monthly tastings

We’d especially like to invite you to join the Society as a member and enjoy priority booking for our popular tastings and the chance to subscribe to our own special bottlings.

You are invited to read: our Constitution, Code of Conduct, Health & Safety Policy, Tasting Risk Assessment

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