Cork Event: BACK to the FUTURE @ Old Midleton Distillery

  • 27 Jun 2015
  • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Middleton Distillery

First we’ll go BACK

To the ancient stone surrounds of Midleton distillery, an 1825 distillery with origins that stretch even further back to the 18th century. In the very heart of this altar to Irish distilling, in the futuristic sounding “The Cube”, we’ll sample some of the finest “old” whiskeys in Ireland.

  • 60’s/early 70’s John’s Lane distilled Powers blend
  • 70’s era Gilbey’s Redbreast Pot Still
  •  An old bottling of Greenspot Pot Still


What of the FUTURE?

We all know that Jameson is very much the here and now for Irish Distillers, a world renowned brand that is leading the “Irish” charge throughout the world. Yet like all invasions, reinforcements arrive to maintain strong footholds in “conquered” territory. For many, Midleton’s reinforcements will come in the form of Powers, Redbreast and Greenspot. With wonderful reinforcements such as this, any look towards the future suggests nothing short of world domination by the whiskeys of Midleton! On the day, we will also sample and compare the fruits of new Midleton:

  • Power’s Gold Blend
  • Power’s John’s Lane Pot Still
  • Redbreast 12 Year Old Pot Still
  • Greenspot Pot Still

 …And we won’t finish there. Carol Quinn, the resident Archivist in Midleton, has kindly agreed to do a presentation on her work. This will take place in The Irish Whiskey Academy, Midleton’s state of the art training and educational facility. Her presentation will revolve around the Archives, the fascinating history of Irish Distillers, the history of the founding families/distilleries, and the story of the wine/spirit merchants of yesteryear who had such a fruitful relationship with John Jameson & Sons of Bow Street.

 After the tasting, members will be invited to dine at a suitable restaurant in Midleton town before we finally finish up our evening in the Mad Monk bar on Church Street, Midleton

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