Dublin Event: Battle of the Blends

  • 29 Sep 2011
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Brooks Hotel, Drury Street, Dublin 2
  • 40


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Which Irish whiskey has the X-factor? At this month's Irish Whiskey Society tasting, we're looking for your help in discovering which Irish blend is the best of them all. In this battle of the blends, modest supermarket brands will go head-to-head with renowned heritage blends in a blind tasting to discover which Irish blend is the best of all. As we whittle down the whiskeys through rounds of blind tasting, expect your preconceptions to be challenged, your taste buds to be tickled and your opinions about the whole range of Irish blended whiskeys to be revolutionised.

This will be a fun evening, hosted by our former President Gary Mongey, and only Gary will know which whiskey is in which glass, so it will be a true test of the taste buds. With only taste to guide you, this event is a chance to experience Irish whiskeys stripped of their reputations and marketing budgets. At the end of the night, after a number of rounds of tasting and voting, only one whiskey will win and be declared victor of the battle of the blends.


Attendees were asked to taste 16 Irish blended whiskeys (under €30) blind. After two rounds of voting, the favourite blends were revealed, in order, as

  1. Inishowen (Cooley Distillery)
  2. Tullamore Dew (William Grant / Midleton Distillery)
  3. Bushmills Original (Bushmills Distillery)
  4. Avoca 8yo (Aldi / Cooley Distillery)

The top 2 were separated by only a couple of points. The last 2 were some way behind.

The initial 16 blends were divided among 4 tables, each table asked to select one whiskey to send forward for tasting by the entire room. This initial ranking by the 4 tables was as follows:

Table A

  1. Avoca 8yo (Aldi / Cooley Distillery)
  2. Tesco Irish Whiskey (Tesco / Cooley Distillery)
  3. Superquinn Irish Whiskey (Superquinn / Cooley Distillery)
  4. Golden Irish Whiskey (Dunnes / Cooley Distillery)

Table B

  1. Tullamore Dew (William Grant / Midleton Distillery)
  2. Crested Ten (Midleton Distillery)
  3. Powers (Midleton Distillery)
  4. Jameson (Midleton Distillery)

Table C

  1. Bushmills Original (Bushmills Distillery)
  2. Clontarf Classic (Malt: Bushmills Distillery / Grain: Midleton Distillery)
  3. Black Bush (Malt: Bushmills Distillery / Grain: Midleton Distillery)
  4. Coleraine (Malt: Bushmills Distillery / Grain: Midleton Distillery)

Table D

  1. Inishowen (Cooley Distillery)
  2. Kilbeggan (Cooley Distillery)
  3. Locke's (Cooley Distillery)
  4. Millars Special Reserve (Cooley Distillery)

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